October Kiss!

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[EN] Hello Guys πŸ™‚ Today on my blog a happy mood with these pumpkins. I’m so happy and so proud to have pictures with pumpkins. They are considered the Magic of October, this is what makes the Autumn look more colorful and more pleasant. Soon is Halloween so this is the perfect post for this holiday. My favorite part of Halloween are pumpkins, their color make you feel full of joy. Continue reading “October Kiss!”

Goodies !


[EN] My favorites bags at the moment, because you can combine them with everything , practically with all the colors, especially the Louis Vuitton, is a color that goes with all the outfits and in all the occasions. I like them because they are in leather, and comfortable in all seasons. I reccomend to buy leather bags, they will resist all life, and they will be the same as when you bought. It is better to have a few, but in leather, because the classics models are always in fashion. The Louis Vuitton model (barchetta) is a gift from my mom, and I wear it for Continue reading “Goodies !”


DSC_0047[EN] Hello, today on the blog a new outfit, black and white, always a good choice .I have these leggins from 2009 and they are still in trend , they always will be , leather never go out of fashion , they make you look skinny, sexy, and original. When you wear a pair of leather (latex) leggins I recommend you to keep everything simple, a touch of red on the lips, that give charm and nothing else. This autumn they are in trend ,and they Continue reading “Blackness.”

Nights Out vs Friends

145 - Copia[EN] Our nights out with our dear friends. We move in Orlando last year, so to start a new life is not easy at all, especially here in America, so you need some friends or somebody that you know to help you with advice or just to go out. So thanks God Iana was here in Orlando.This post is all about frienship, and how important is to have somebody to support you. Iana and Ali you are amazing friends and I’m glad to have you in my life πŸ™‚ I look forward for our next destination πŸ˜‰
Continue reading “Nights Out vs Friends”